New Racing Games Android 2017

#1. New Top Speed Bike Racing


It’s your time to shine with a tons of sports bike to win the moto bike race at highest speed in a city traffic. Let’s download our new free bike racing game in your android device and ride the thrill of adventure with a rush of crazy speed motor bikes. Boost your bike engine at max speed to unlock your desire moto bike to ride it on fast track. Bike Racing game is full of fun. New Top Speed bike Racing game is real bike riding game which gives you a feel of extreme road trip. Simulate your riding experience with a variety of speed motor bikes. This New top speed bike riding game has two modes to play. Choose classic and unlock time trail. Bike racing (also called moto racing) is the motorcycle sport of racing motorcycles. Major genres include road racing and off road racing, both either on circuits or open courses, and track racing. Other categories include hill climbs, drag racing and land speed record trials.

#2. Racing Rivals: 2D Car Racing


Racing Rivals : 2D Race Car is a simple car game suitable for the kids. Racing Rivals : 2D Race Car mainly is about collecting the fuel to get highest score by avoiding getting into accident with other vehicles and run as far as possible. The racing video game genre is the genre of video games, either in the first-person or third-person perspective, in which the player partakes in a racing competition with any type of land, water, air or space vehicles. They may be based on anything from real-world racing leagues to entirely fantastical settings. In general, they can be distributed along a spectrum anywhere between hardcore. simulations, and simpler arcade racing games. Racing games may also fall under the category of sports games. Racing games in general tend to drift toward the arcade side of reality, mainly due to hardware limitations.

#3. Dr. Driving 2

Dr. Driving is back in the sequel to the biggest mobile driving simulation game of all time! Its 2 start a new era of driving simulation gameplay with super stunning graphics, challenging multi-stage levels and real-time online multiplayer. Burn up the street with the fastest and most visually stunning driving game. This game is very popular in android and it is easily avliable on Google Play Store.

#4. Traffic Racer

It is a driving game in which the player tilts their mobile device left and right to steer, weaving their vehicle through traffic while gaining points and trying not to crash. This game have  getting 4.4 stars on Google Play Store. The game play in Traffic Racer is pretty straightforward.  The game is view from behind the player’s vehicle at a slightly elevated perspective.  The player steers their vehicle by tilting their mobile device left and right, with an acceleration icon on the right side of the screen and brakes on the left.

#5. Need for Racing: New Speed Car


New Speed Car is a 2015 free-to-play racing video game for iOS and Android, and a mobile installment in the Need for Speed video game series, developed by Firemonkeys Studios and published by Electronic Arts. It is the twenty-first installment in the franchise, the franchise’s second free-to-play title (after Need for Speed: World), as well as the franchise’s first original title made exclusively for mobile devices, unlike past mobile games in the series that were simply adaptations of various Need for Speed games. Choose your auto and compete with other drivers on racing track. Feel the need for speed and become the winner. Overcome difficulties in racing simulation. Driver must reach highest speed on the specified part of the track. Receives  cups according to your speed result.

#6. Train Racing Games 3D

Enjoy the latest fusion of train racing games 3d and real train driving games in 3d or hd that will allow you to become the best train driver 2016 in this amazing train games 2017 free download with having best train driving simulator. It’s time to test your driving theory in metro train games and bullet train driving games real railway hd 2017 to become pro train games driver 2017! So let’s start this railway station games with the basic precision driving skills of train simulator 3d in this modern train games 2017 free download. Let’s have fun while playing TRAIN RACING SUPER SPEED, the best train racing games 3d and real train driving games in 3d or hd to make you pro train driver 2017 with amazing train driving simulator. The best of all railway station games with having best train simulator 3d. This is only the train driving simulator that fully embraces incredibly smooth 3d engine physics and effects. Select your Train, drive and control perfectly with modern and new 3D graphics. The role of a train driver has never been so smooth, keep going and enjoy the limitless game play with easy controls. Change the camera view as per your comfort. Pick coins, magnet, and boost to make score more. You may face many challenges to get through and complete the tasks, but this game will definitely take you to a level of satisfaction & fun.

#7.  Racing in Car

Sick  of endless racing games with third person perspective. Racing in Car is the best mobile racing game you have been looking for. You drive your car in cockpit view through the endless traffic and realistic environment. Tilt your device to drag your car wherever you want, overtake traffic, earn coins and buy new cars. This game is easily available in Google play store. Free 3D Car Racing game, City Racing Lite Released. Incredible small size, Real racing competition, Mad tricks and drifting, Online Battle your friends using WiFi connection! Driving Ahead, Race to Win!

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